Are you ready to transform your sex life?


The Time is now






For Men who are ready to be in the greatest relationship of their life, master their sexual energy and have more pleasure than ever before

  • Are you ready to be the master of your sexual energy? Cultivating more orgasms and pleasure for you and your partner?

  • Do you want to have a more meaningful relationship, feeling safe to express all of your desires and fantasies?

  • Are you ready to release any shame and fears you have around your pleasure and desires, and forgive yourself from behaviors and actions of your past?

  • Are you ready to redefine what it means to be a man in his sexual power?

Are you ready to be in the greatest relationship
of your life with yourself?

(and your lover(s)?


We talk often about "manifesting your beloved" but when they actually appear are you in a place that can safely hold them and the relationship?


NOW is your time to claim your divine right as a man, in this 3 month deep dive into becoming the emotional master of your sexuality and relationships.


Join your fellow brothers, on a journey into becoming the master of your sexuality, relationships and energy as you step into the greatest embodiment of your masculine power.


Together we will be redefining masculinity for the next generation of men.




3 month group coaching program designed to reprogram the stories we were told and the beliefs we hold about ourselves as men. How we show up in the world and how we can not only create safety for the feminine but reclaim our sovereignty and sexuality as masculine men. 

Growing up men were shown that to "be a man" you either fucked someone or fought someone.


Together we will reprogram those beliefs and redefine masculinity for the next generation of men.

There is a lack of support in the world for men that provides not just knowledge but tangible tools for understanding healthy masculine sexual energy, our sexual desires and what it truly looks like to create a safe container for sacred sexuality.


The Pillar brings all of that into one place to accelerate your journey into understanding healthy masculinity, sexuality and emotional wisdom.



My Name is Matthew Ayriss, Sacred Sexuality Guide, Shamanic-Somatic Healer, Transformational Life Coach, & Conscious Content Creator.


I facilitate in person immersive experiences, men's retreats, tantra and transformational festivals and have hosted men's circles and group coaching programs across the world. 


I support men in understanding the conditioning of their past, their desires and fears as well as their sexual energy and sexual conditioning, supporting men in navigating the on going conversations of what it truly means to be a man in today's day and age.


Over the years as a healer and facilitator I have supported both men and women in coming into their fullest expression of their authentic self, by helping them understand their limiting beliefs and past wounding and supporting them in embodying the essence of who they truly are. By removing the limitations of fears, doubts and past beliefs, I support my clients in stepping into their most authentic and fulfilling life.



The Pillar is a 3-month group coaching program designed to support men in deepening their understanding of their masculinity, alchemizing their sexual desires, and cultivating the greatest relationships of their lives. 


Whether in a partnership or single, this journey will unlock your fullest power and purpose as a man, while guiding you to become the master of your sexual and emotional energy.


It was designed to reprogram the stories we were told about what it is to be a man and, ultimately, the beliefs we now hold about ourselves as men in today’s day and age. 


We will be deeply examining how we show up in the world, what it looks like to create true safety for the feminine, and what it is to reclaim both our sovereignty and our sexuality as integrated-masculine men. 


The Pillar is a journey into what it means to be a man in 2020 - a reclamation of your sexuality, masculinity, and the core-drivers that you live by. It has been crafted to give you the support and tools needed to fully step into your power and unlock your creative sexual energy, then integrate it into your physical and emotional bodies.


Each week is designed to remove layers of conditioning and social stigmas that men have been subjected to growing up, as we dive deep into sacred sexuality, multi-orgasmicness, shadow work, authentic relating, understanding desires and fears, and beyond within this container.


Together, we will be building a brotherhood of conscious men who are in their sexual power, integrated and embodied in their masculinity, and are there supporting one another be the best versions of themselves in the world.


With the support of 3 guest facilitators for 3 of the modules, I will be guiding you through your journey, as you discover any blocks and limitations you may have, release shame and guilt from your body, and fully claim your masculinity.


Redefining what it means to be masculine
in an age where god is feminine.





Understanding Masculinity in a Feminine world

Understanding masculinity in todays world


What is that "perfect provider / protector" that society has constructed for us? How has that lead men to feel ashamed of who they are and desire to be?


Week 1, uncover the conditioning, wounds and childhood trauma that has keep men caged - So that you may peel back the layers given to you, to allow for the authentic self to shine through.


Diving into the beliefs, shame and messaging that men received at home and in society, that shaped our perspective of what it mean to "be a man", so that we may heal childhood wounding, circumcision trauma & conditioning around masculine sexuality.



Where have you been out of integrity in the past? Have you looked at that version of yourself and fully loved it to integrate it into the conscious man? 


Week 2, dives into the topics of infidelity, betrayal, shame and jealousy…


Understanding, integrating and embodying them with awareness and compassion, and finding forgiveness for yourself.



Identifying your authentic desires within your romantic relationships, so you are safer, more connected and deeply met by your partner.

Naming your hidden desires for your sexual life to help you approach fear compassionately, leading to deeper,  more passionate and connected sex.


Week 3, Learn how to express your sexual fantasies in a safe and sexy way, so your partner feels excited to explore your deepest desires with you.


How to have these conversations and feel safe, heard and met expressing them to any partner.



Have you noticed patterns in your life that continue to show up? Lessons, moments and people will keep coming back until you are a match to something else.


Week 4, master your mind, body & spirit as we balance your energy body with your physical body.


Understanding the vibrational frequency of your soul, so you may see and understand exactly what you attracting into your life.


Our bodies store trauma and believes in the cellular memory of our DNA, research on epigenetics has shown how this is passed down from generation to generation, gain the tools to understand how the body is responding to traumas and imprinting and how to release it from your body.



Lingam massage, self pleasure practices, prostate massage and sacred spot work.


What associations do you have with masturbating and your pleasure?

Is it a sacred act? Or is it a secret behind closed doors?


Week 5, we look at creating a healthy relationship with your cock and your self pleasure practice. Understanding the porn culture many were raised in, and creating a new connection with your pillar.



& SEMEN RETENTION - Guest Facilitator Magda Kwiatkowska

How would you like to be able to:

Have multiple orgasms when you have sex?

Not be tired after you ejaculate?

Orgasm without ejaculation?


Week 6, guest facilitated by Magda Kwiatkowska, become the master of your sexual energy, separating Orgasm from Climax (Ejaculation), and moving the energy to allow for multiple orgasms, Energetic Orgasms & Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms



Creating polarity and cultivating polarity pauses in relationship.


Polarity creates passion.

Understanding how to create polarity in partnership and in every day life so that you cultivate and create the most passionate union, even after years with the same partner.


Week 7, we deepen our understanding of polarity and how to cultivate it healthily in relationship to keep the fire burning always.



The Feminine has a varying range of emotional experience, can you hold them all?

What if it changes from tears to laughter in an instant, how can you remain strong and hold a steady space?


Week 8, We understand create a safe space for all of the feminine expression and her emotions.

Understanding her conditioning and how to navigate if she has had previous trauma in relationship.



Sex Magick, ritual honoring, worshiping and sacred sex.

How would you like to guarantee that you are the best lover she has ever had?

How would you like to manifest your dream life through sex magic rituals?


Week 9, we understand her body, yoni and energy - creating energetic consent, and guiding her temple to open for you. 

Giving you the tools of the art of Yoni massage, and understanding her G-spot.



Guest Facilitator - Shai Fishman

Have you defined your relationship based off of what you thought was "normal" in society?
What if there was a better way for you?

How can you tell what relationship is best for you?


Week 10, with Shai Fishman, navigates non-monogamy, open relating & conscious monogamy.


One is not more "evolved" than the others, understand how to consciously communicate about your desired relationship container and navigating what best works for YOU.



Arguing, triggered conversations and anger - it is perfectly normal to still have these in your life. However how can you navigate these moments with grace and ease, so that you don't cause harm to yourself or your partner?


Week 11, navigates triggers, anger and wounding - what to do with that masculine energy when it shows up in a heated conversation, and how to create a safe outlet to express it. How to see somebody else's truth as true when it is different from yours.



Now that you're ready to fully claim your Kingdom,

what do you desire?


Your hero's journey awaits you, how do you cultivate, manifest and generate all that you desire now? 


Manifesting your dream life and relationship, rituals, routines and habits. Creating accountability for yourself so that you continue to grow on the path of the embodied man.

All deposits and payments made for this course on or after the initial intake call are considered NON-REFUNDABLE to secure your space in The Pillar.

Joe McVeen

Through deep presence and an unshakeable commitment to healing, Matthew pulled out of me a deep-rooted fear of men and intimate connection in general.


My work with Matthew throughout the year have helped me to finally see and release some deep unhealed parts of myself that were holding me back.


Things like feeling unworthy of love, feeling not good enough for success, and a lack of trusting that the Universe has my back.


As much as that may sound airy fairy, the results are real. This confidence that Matthew helped pull out of me has enabled me to truly embody my role as CEO of my purpose-driven dream business, which is now on pace to do $500k in revenue in its first year.


I’m also having way more connected sex with my lover and able to be present in the challenging conversations that used to be avoided or blow up into huge fights.


Yousif Faraawi

Through the months (in a group coaching program) I’ve worked with Matthew, it was apparent to me that his gift is his ability to hone in on each unique individual, and through his natural high clarity and practice of undivided attention, is able to guide those he works with to discover the answers that are within themselves. 


During my time with Matthew, we dove into variety of different fields which includes belief structures, blind spot realizations, shifting social programming, sexual healing/empowerment, and topics that surround emotional wellbeing, mental health, and physical health.

Ryan Fontana

Matthew’s dedication to his own spiritual and sexual practice has allowed him to cultivate a deep and unwavering presence that creates a safe space for healing and transformation.