Image by Matheus Ferrero

The Pillar, is a 3 month group coaching program, supporting men deepen your understanding their masculinity while mastering your sexual power and emotional body.


Whether in partnership or single, unlock your fullest power and potential as a man, and allow yourself to become the master of your sexual and emotional energy.


The Pillar is a journey into what it means to be a man in 2020 - a reclamation of sexuality, masculinity and core drivers that you live by. Designed to give you the  support and tools needed to fully step into your power and unlock your creative sexual energy, integrated into your physical and emotional body.


Each week is designed to remove layers of conditioning and social stigmas men have been subjected to growing up, as we dive deep into sacred sexuality, multi orgasmicness, shadow work, authentic relating, understanding desires and fears and much more in this 3 month mastermind and brotherhood.


With the support of 3 guest facilitators for 3 of the modules, Matthew Ayriss will be guiding you through your journey as you discover any blocks and limitations you may have, release shame and guilt from your body and fully claim your masculinity and sexual power.