My Name is Matthew Ayriss, Sacred Sexuality Guide, Shamanic-Somatic Healer,  Transformational Life Coach, & Conscious Content Producer.


For over a decade of my life, I was a Hollywood music video producer, unhappily married not having sex with my wife and having an affair.


It took me a long time to realize how unhappy I was with a life I thought I was "supposed to be" living (Married to high school best friend, Career with status)… I thought that there was something wrong with me, I was supposed to be happy with this partner, this career, this sex life.


After a few anxiety attacks, where my body was trying to tell me something was wrong, I finally decided to make a change and leave it all behind.


Immediately I began to look at the life I had created for myself and started to ask myself, what life do I actually want to be living?


"what do I truly want in life?" "Why did I act the way I did?" "why do I feel so much pressure to show up in the world a certain way that doesn’t feel authentic to who I really am…?"


Questioning every part of the identity I had formed for myself over my entire life. Looking at my shadow, the places I was out of integrity, my true authentic desires that I held and how I wanted to be met in partnership.


Transitioning from that world, I stepped into the realm of men's embodiment work, tantra, spirituality, mysticism, and healing. After diving deep into the practice of Somatic Sexual Healing, I began to work extensively with sacred sexuality, energy work, and somatic trauma release, with an emphasis on releasing the traumatic imprints in our DNA and healing sexual wounding and stigmas.


Peeling back the layers of who I was told I should be, I started to step into my authentic self, by living the way I truly wanted to be living.


I can now confidently say that I am living in my most authentic and fulfilling life, In love with the partner of my dreams, having the best sex of my life, speaking my desires and having them heard and met, and connecting to the divine through sex, self and relationship unlike ever before.


I facilitate in person immersive experiences, men's retreats, tantra and transformational festivals and have hosted men's circles and group coaching programs across the world.  I support men in understanding the conditioning of their past, their desires and fears as well as their sexual energy, as we navigate the on going conversations of what it truly means to be a man in today's day and age.


Over the years as a healer and facilitator I have supported both men and women in coming into their fullest expression of their authentic self, by helping them understand their limiting beliefs and past wounding, supporting them in embodying the essence of who they truly are. By removing the limitations of fears, doubts and past beliefs, Matthew supports his clients in stepping into their most authentic and fulfilling life.